As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words"
(or a thousand dollars if shown to the right people!)

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Put A Face To The Name Of Chapter C Members

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Journey Through Time To The Year 2016 With Chapter C

Polar Bear Drive 2016 Chapter Gathering - Jan Mid Winter Roundup Z's Ride To Blessng Hotel
Kickin Ash Ride - Jan County Line Diner - Jan Mid Week Ride - The Tree Ranch Hand Cafe
Chapter Gathering - Feb Top Water Grill - Feb Superbowl 50 Party - Feb Valentine's Ride
Gator Ride Steamboat Bills - Mar 2016 Bluebonnet Ride - April Huntsville Prison Museum
Mother's Day - May Texas District Rally Tree House - June The Tree - June
4th of July at the Fergusons Breakfast At Joe's in Alvin Galveston Ride to Rita's-July Sunrise Ride to Port Arthur




Dec 05