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Chapter 'C' is pleased to introduce our new Chapter Couple of the Year for 2016

 Gene (Bubba) & Carolyn Tice

We are very excited to have been chosen as Chapter C’s 2016 Couple of the Year. We are “chapter-oriented” and love doing what others might see as “work”. It’s not work to us… it’s lots of fun. But… that’s not quite how it all started…

Gene began riding when he was about 13 years old. He has had all kinds of bikes including Suzuki’s, Yamaha’s, Harley’s and Honda’s. There has only been one span of about six years when he didn’t have something to ride. He very much enjoys riding – the longer the trip, the better.

Carolyn has been a co-rider on motorcycles since she was a teenager. With two brothers, she was constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to ride with one of them. What could be better for her than to marry someone whose love of motorcycles and people equaled her own? Motorcycles and GWRRA are a big part of both our lives.

In 2002, we bought a 2002 Gold Wing. Up until that time, we had cruisers. Eleven thousand miles later, we decided to trike the Gold Wing. We really loved our trike – it made for great riding AND sightseeing, but – we weren’t done yet... along in 2004, Carolyn decided she wanted her own trike. She took the BRC, passed it and soon another trike was made room for in our garage. Nowadays, Gene rides a 2005 Black Cherry Gold Wing with a CSC conversion and Carolyn rides a 2002 Illusion Red Gold Wing with a CSC conversion.

We are both retired, are both Grand Master Tour Riders and are our happiest when we are involved in GWRRA activities. Rider education is very important to us. Our motto -- “always take the long way home” – comes into play whether we are riding ourselves or with Chapter C. There is NO margin for error on a motorcycle so we both feel we must, at all times, practice safe riding.

During our 15 years as GWRRA members, we have held many chapter positions and it is our pleasure to continue as Chapter C’s Membership Enhancement Coordinators and as their 2016 Couple of the Year. 

GWRRA has come to mean so much to us. Before GWRRA and Chapter C, we were constantly trying to think of places we could ride to. A friend told us about GWRRA and we finally got up the courage to go to a meeting. One meeting was all it took… now, thanks to GWRRA, our whole world has changed. After joining GWRRA, we made many new friends, and not just in our home town, but all over the United States. The people of GWRRA accept you for who you are. You never have to try to live up to someone else’s expectations.

If we had to choose one word to describe ourselves, we believe it would be “passionate.” We are “passionate” about our GWRRA family and riding safely. Here’s our message to you… we want everyone to know there is a huge family out there called GWRRA, just waiting to make them a part of that family and, very importantly, to provide education on safe motorcycle riding so that every ride can be a great and fun adventure.

Come join us… Chapter C… where we’re rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’!

Gene & Carolyn Tice

Chapter C 2016 Couple of the Year

Congratulations Gene & Carolyn !