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While giving some thought as to what we should share with you in this article, it came to mind (as it always does)… yee-haw… it’s rally season… time to dust the cobwebs off and get these awesome machines out on the road. Okay, we thought, let’s do a little research. Well, folks… we found a great rally season article. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the article as much as we did.


How to have FUN at a Rally!

By: Region "A" Membership Enhancement, CHOY Coordinators and COY Coordinators

Rick and Madalena Buck

(Reprint from February 2014)


Now that January is behind us, we are one step closer to the Region “A” Rally season starting up. The rally season kicks off March 20th - 22nd with the Florida District in Kissimmee, FL followed by Alabama April 3rd - 5th in Mobile, AL. Next comes South Carolina May 1st - 3rd in Florence, SC and then onto Georgia June 12th - 14th in Dillard, GA. The last two for the year are Region “A” September 11th - 13th and Mississippi October 16th - 18th in Gulfport, MS.


We bring this up for a couple of reasons. First, it is just another reminder that you need to mark your calendars and set those dates aside to attend one or more of these Rallies. The second, and probably most important reason is, having listened to people and the comments we hear over the last few years, it is apparent that people don’t know “How to have FUN at a Rally”. The most common comment or statement made to us as to why people don’t attend these Rallies is…they are all the same!


Our first reaction to this statement is always the same…"really"? Are there similarities to a Rally each year? Yes! There are Vendors, Indoor Games, Contests, Challenges, Poker Runs, Talent Shows, Food, 50/50 and Grand Prizes and Seminars. The Rally may even be at the same location. However, that is where the similarities stop.


So what are the differences?


The Theme…Each year a Rally has a different theme. The theme sets the tone for the Rally and is there to add to the FUN, especially when it comes to events like Talent Shows, Costume Contests, Challenges and Mascots to name a few.


The Vendors…Though some of the vendors may be the same from previous years, odds are there will be new vendors with different items. The advantage to having vendors on site is you get to really look at the things you might want to buy. You may have seen something online or in a magazine but when you get a look at it you might find out it’s not what you are looking for. You may find the item you want cheaper online but if you talk with the vendor odds are they will give you the same price.


The Location…It may be the same as in previous years but with a few exceptions we are sure that most people haven't gone around and seen what is in the local area. If nothing else this would be a great time to go out and ride roads that you may not have had the opportunity to previously.


Training & Seminars…At each Rally, you will find a range of training whether it relates to Rider Education, Motorist Aware, MEDIC First Aid, Leadership or Membership Enhancement Training. The great thing about this training or seminars is you learn something and they are FUN to attend.


The People…If nothing else, what a Rally provides is an opportunity to meet new people. One goal we have with attending the different Rallies over the years is to meet at least 2 new people. For us we have exceeded this goal at every Rally. If you are from Alabama and you attend the South Carolina Rally we guarantee you will meet someone new. If you don’t it is because you wouldn’t talk to anyone except people you know.


If you still think that all Rallies are the same after reading just some of the differences, well there is probably nothing we can do for you. If you are expecting someone to provide you with FUN the entire Rally…there is probably nothing we can do for you.


A Rally is what you make of it. If you go into a Rally thinking it the same you will probably have the same experience. If you go into a Rally with a plan on how to have FUN at a Rally, you will have FUN!


Thank you, Rick and Madalena, for a great and informative article!


Ride safe, have fun and always take the long way home!

Bubba and Carolyn Tice